Net Zero Dundas
What this is all about...

We're excited to be part of the greater Hamilton community as we try to do our part to make a difference in the world!

We are making changes to our lifestyle to mitigate our impact on the planet, and we are working to view every decision through the lens of climate change.

Part of what inspired this website is a Canadian Geographic contest called Live Net Zero—there will be various references to the challenges involved in this contest as well as our efforts to build a community of people looking to live net zero.

If you are interested in being involved or have something to share with us please reach out anytime!

The Origin Story...

How endeavours get started can be a curious and interesting thing. Sometimes it's an intentional outcome, a result of serious brainstorming with a set goal. Sometimes it's those innocuous moments that kick-start something unexpected. Net Zero Dundas was definitely the latter.

Jen's dad was visiting one day and left a newspaper he'd been reading. As good fortune would have it that issue contained an article about Canadian Geographic's Live Net Zero contest from last year, the inaugural contest. It captured her imagination because it was a manifestation of what we already wanted to do—reduce our carbon footprint.

She immediately read the contest entry rules for this year's contest and excitedly created a video submission. We feel incredibly fortunate to have been selected as one of 8 families across Canada working to reduce our household emissions, and a primary goal we have in participating is sharing what we learn in order to create a community of people all combatting climate change together.

A little more about us...


Throughout my life, I have been committed to social justice and change. I am a mother of three wonderful boys, and I do my best to raise them to care about others and lead a good life. I am also a teacher, and have worked to empower children through the integration of social justice into the curriculum. I believe in the power of collective action, and think that unions are important. My goal is to connect the issue of climate change into that of the union movement.

I have started a climate justice and sustainability committee in my ETFO Halton local. I like words and their implementation, whether that be public speaking, poetry, journaling, or blogging. In this collaborative blog, my partner Steve and I will share our thoughts about climate change, and how we can all work together to change the world.


Hey! I'm Steve, and I'm fed up with the status quo. A love of nature, coupled with a personal sense of right and wrong that developed without a lot of grey area, led me to certain life-choices, including becoming vegetarian and both volunteering at and working for environmental not-for-profits. I fill my time editing books that focus on social justice and inclusion, working at a local community craft brewery, building websites, running events for local charities and community groups, AND freaking out a little about climate change.

As the existential threat of our time, climate change needs to be the lens through which all decisions are made, so for me that means examining our modes and frequency of travel, ways to improve household efficiency, urging others to make their own lifestyle revisions, teaching our children that there is no PLANet 'B', and so much more.

Net Zero Dundas
Our efforts so far...

Some of the steps we have taken:

  • Installed a high-efficiency heat pump
  • Started to do more gardening to reduce the amount of produce transported from far-off locations
  • Use Bullfrog Power as a renewable energy provider for our electricity
  • Installed solar panels; ours are currently connected to the electricity grid

Some of the steps we plan to take:

  • Install additional solar panels for direct household electricity use
  • Properly seal and caulk windows and doors that are in good shape and gradually replace older ones
  • Upgrade insulation throughout the home
  • Purchase an electric vehicle when our older combustion-engine car ages out

If you have any experience with moving toward a net zero lifestyle, or if you have questions for us about the success of any of our intiatives, please get in touch!